Assessment of Your Print Environment

The majority of companies are unaware of what is really happening on a day-to-day basis within their office print environment.


Common questions are:

  • “How much we do we spend every month/quarter/year to operate our print environment?”

  • “How many printers and copiers are operating within this environment?”

  • “Are any of these devices being under orover utilized?”

  • “Are we printing more colour than we should be?  More colour than we were aware of?”

  • “Are we spending more than what we thought or anticipated?”

  • “Could this number be reduced?”

  • “Could we be more efficient with our print environment?  More environmentally friendly?”

 Common answers are:

  • “We don’t know.”

  • “We don’t know how.”

Resolution Reprographics has the people, tools, and resources to help our clients understand their print environment, enabling them to achieve their initiatives, whether it be reducing costs, improving efficiencies, being more sustainable and environmentally friendly, or all of the above.  After all, we are a printing company that manages 3 high-production print shops on a day-to-day basis; we know first-hand how to properly manage a print environment.


A simple COMPLIMENTARY ASSESSMENT of your print environment from Resolution Reprographics could dramatically change the way you do business in a positive way; there is no cost or obligation, so why not take us up on it.